Land of Eem

Created by Exalted Funeral

The Lord of the Rings meets The Muppets in this lighthearted fantasy tabletop roleplaying game! Land of Eem is packed with simple rules and resources that encourage players to be creative and make GMing easy.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Prototype Pictures and Two New Adventures!
4 days ago – Thu, Feb 22, 2024 at 02:46:43 PM

Well met, Adventurers of Eem!

We’ve got a big update for you today. Not only are two new adventures ready to go, we’ve also got pictures of the physical prototypes to share!

To get the new downloads, go to your BackerKit survey, and they are under the "Get Your Digital Downloads" button. Here is a link that should take you to your survey . You also should have received an email with a link.

Two Slithery, Scaly Adventures
If there’s a major, unifying conflict in the Mucklands sandbox, it’s the rise of the sarpathi snake cult. Numerous quests are centered around this mysterious threat, and most of them are Doom & Gloom—darker and more perilous than your average, wacky escapade. The two adventures ready for download today definitely fall into that category. 

Temple of the Sarpathi
Funny story, this is actually the first adventure that we ever wrote for Land of Eem when we released the Beta rules. But we realized that it probably wasn’t the best example of the game’s overall whimsical tone, so we instead released Curse of the Chicken-Foot Witch (which is now in the Quickstart Guide). What you’ll have now is an updated version of Temple of the Sarpathi, and it’s a great way to introduce your group to the sarpathi conflict.

Eye of the Serpent God
Written by Luke Gearing (Wolves Upon the Coast, Acid Death Fantasy), this is a 30+ room dungeon crawl filled with danger and deadly adversaries. Definitely not suitable for your average boggart fresh out of Dungeoneer Academy! The adventure serves as a perfect funnel into the final conflict of the sarpathi. 

Prototype Pictures!
We’re super excited to share the physical prototypes that we just received in the mail. Overall, everything looks absolutely gorgeous. And we’re making sure everything looks exactly the way we want it to. 

The Road Ahead
February is Lunar New Year (Happy Year of the Dragon, by the way!), which means we hit a bit of a delay at the factory producing the books, but on the bright side, this actually has given us some time to fix a few more typos that the Discord community discovered! 

Thanks so much for your continued patience and support as things really start coming together with printing in the next month.  

–The Land of Eem Team!

Final PDFs and a New Adventure
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jan 18, 2024 at 06:10:56 PM

Greetings, Adventurers of Eem!

We hope your new year is starting off on the right foot! Here in Land of Eem, we’ve got a few things to share this week that you might enjoy.

Final PDFs of the 3 Books
With everything going to print, we have the final PDFs of the Core Rulebook, The Mucklands Sandbox, and the Bestiary to share with you. Many little typos and mistakes were caught in between now and the first release of the PDFs, so make sure to download these new ones! And although we’re saying “final,” that doesn’t mean we can’t update the PDFs in the future if need be. 

True Love’s Kidnapping - A New PDF Adventure
We’re excited to release a new adventure written by TTRPG writer and designer Kienna Shaw! True Love’s Kidnapping is a quest of Derring-Do, in which the PCs are hired by a wealthy noble to get her out of her wedding engagement and whisked away to a faraway place where her true love dwells. It’s sure to be a rollicking adventure with a few surprises! 

To get the new downloads, go to your BackerKit survey and they are under the "Get Your Digital Downloads" button. Here is a link that should take you to your survey . You also should have received an email with a link.

In our next update, we hope to share pictures of the proofs, which we should have in hand pretty soon! Thanks so much for your continued support and patience as everything comes together.

Your pals,
The Land of Eem Team

New Adventure, Digital GM Screen, and Proofing Update
2 months ago – Mon, Dec 18, 2023 at 05:26:48 PM

Hello, Adventurers of Eem!

As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, we're here to spice up your gaming table with some good news from the Land of Eem!

The Dredgelords - A New PDF Adventure
Prepare your dice and gather your party, for a new quest beckons! We're thrilled to announce the release of The Dredgelords, a brand-new stretch goal adventure written by Amir Rao, Studio Director of Supergiant Games, and also one of our best friends (and dungeon master).

In The Dredgelords, the famous eponymous band is getting ready for their tour through the perilous Quagmash when everything seems to go sideways. But the show must go on! Journey through swamps and backwaters all while working as roadies for the enigmatic Dredgelords in this hijinks-filled adventure.

Digital GM Screen
If you ordered the GM Screen, a digital version is ready for you!

Updated Book of Random Encounters
There were some errors in the first release, so we have updated the book! The same link you used to access this file in your BackerKit now reflects the updated file. Thanks to everyone in the community who helped out by proofreading! 

To get the adventures, digital GM screen, and Book of Random Encounters, go to your BackerKit survey and they are under the "Get Your Digital Downloads" button. Here is a link that should take you to your survey . You also should have received an email with a link.

Proofing Complete for Land of Eem 
In other news, we’re finally done proofing all of the game components! Thank you so much to everyone involved, especially you folks on Discord! We’ve pored over every aspect of the game, doing our best to scrub for typos and make corrections, so everything can be as tight as can be for printing. That said, it’s inevitable there are some stragglers in there, but hey, we’ll call those happy little accidents that make the first printing particularly charming!

Imminent Production Announcement
With proofing wrapped up, we stand on the cusp of the next great phase - production! We should be getting a much better idea of the printing and fulfillment timeline in the coming weeks. 

We can’t thank you enough for hanging in there with us. Obviously, this whole process has taken much longer than any of us anticipated. With a project of this size and a core team that consists of just a couple of pals working closely with the wizards at Exalted Funeral, it’s been a heck of an undertaking! 

Thank you for your unwavering support and excitement about Land of Eem. Your passion fuels our commitment to release something we can all feel proud of. It's been fantastic to see so many folks already starting up games to make this world come to life. If you’re itching to play Land of Eem, dive in and join the weekly games on our Discord with a great group of people.  

Keep those swords sharp but your wits sharper! Until next time!

Your Pals, 
Ben and James

Two PDF Adventures!
3 months ago – Tue, Nov 14, 2023 at 03:30:57 PM

Strap on your questing boots and sharpen your wits because today we’ve got an update on all things adventure! 

Two New Adventures Released!

We are absolutely stoked to announce that two of the PDF adventures, penned by the remarkable J.P. Coovert, are now available for download for those who backed the campaign or purchased the Adventure Module Collection! 

  1. Hippogruff Heist - Get ready for some highfalutin shenanigans and track down a prized, magical cookbook aboard the infamous riverboat The Spiffy Scull. 
  2. Double the Treasure, Double the Trouble - Dive into a mini hex crawl through the Razor Ruin Reef to uncover the lost treasures of not just one but two pirate ships. 

To get the adventures, go to your BackerKit survey and they are under the "Get Your Digital Downloads" button. Here is a link that should take you to your survey . You also should have received an email with a link.

But wait, there's more on the horizon. These are just the first two adventures, with five more on the way. So stay tuned for updates. Once all of the adventures are fully complete, we’ll be putting them together into one PDF collection.

What’s next?

We’ll be providing another update on the printing side of things very soon. It's safe to say that we’re in the home stretch of having everything completely ready to print, and we can’t thank you enough for your patience. You’ve all been fantastic, and we appreciate your support and love for Land of Eem. If you haven’t already, join our Discord! Or stop by one of our live streams on Saturdays to say hello, or catch up with the adventures on the Land of Eem Podcast, our re-released Actual Play campaign, digitally tweaked and made available from the very beginning.

Here’s to the next adventure!

Your pals, 
Ben and James

Random Encounters, Slipcase, and more!
5 months ago – Fri, Sep 22, 2023 at 08:36:07 AM

Hail, Eem Adventurers!

Strap on your traveling pack and prepare yourself for an epic journey, because there's a lot to share today!

The Mucklands Book of Random Encounters PDF is HERE! 🎲
First things first, the much-anticipated Book of Random Encounters PDF is now available for download! Your journeys in Eem just got a lot more unpredictable and thrilling. With 1,500 Random Encounters (around 80 pages), you’ll be braving the murky Quagmash swamps or navigating the bustling city streets of Fleabag County with a huge variety of possibilities. From perilous encounters to fantastic discoveries, this book is an invaluable resource for Land of Eem and we’re super excited to get it into your hands. Look for links in your Backerkit account or in your email.

Slip into Elegance with our Slipcases! 📔
We're elated to unveil the designs for the box set slipcases. Originally, we were considering a nested box, but the slipcase made much more sense for Land of Eem’s three weighty tomes (plus the other extras). Crafted with both aesthetics and durability in mind, these cases will keep your books protected and look splendid on your shelves. And all of the gold filigree will be printed in gold foil on the slipcase!

All Book Covers: Finalized and Fabulous! 📚
The full cover designs for all our books have finally come together and are headed to pre-production for beautiful hardcover treatment!

Pre-Production: Engines are Roaring! 🛠️
We’re in the process of finalizing the files for print. That means double checking a ton of bits and bobs ranging from margins, to colors, to more complex elements like spot gloss and fancy gold foil. We’re dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, and preparing the spells to bring Land of Eem to life. This stage ensures that every element, from printing quality to binding strength, meets a good standard, so that you all end up with the best books, maps, and game master screens that we can make.

What’s next?
First of all, we’d like to thank you sincerely for your patience. With a project this big (over 1000 pages of material!), it can take a minute to get everything ready. We encountered some pre-production delays, which are hard to predict, but are now moving forward. Your patience, feedback, and unwavering support have been like a wind in our sails! 

As we gear up for printing, we’ll keep you in the loop on every exciting milestone. Plus, we’re working to fulfill every PDF release, which includes the adventures and the Mucklands Explorer’s Guide sandbox companion, so you can beef up your games or kick off new groups. 

That being said, thanks again to everyone on the Land of Eem Discord! It’s so encouraging to see everyone sharing details of their games, engaging with the community, and kicking off new groups across the globe. We love you!

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. There’s more to come soon!

Your pals, 
Ben and James and Exalted Funeral